Jul 11, 2014
Computer Eye Strain: The Costs of Doing Business

If you spend hours working at a computer, you’re a candidate for computer vision syndrome (CVS). The American Optometric Association (AOA) describes this as “a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use,” and notes that as the amount of time spent in front of a monitor increases, so does the discomfort of computer eye strain.

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Jun 23, 2014
Driving at Night: The Dos and Don’ts

Driving at night can be an extremely dangerous activity, especially when factors such as inclement weather, a tired driver, or a driver’s less-than-perfect vision are taken into account. However, there are many things drivers can do to make nighttime driving safer.

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Jun 06, 2014
Dealing with Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are little specks or strands that appear to move across the eye. They are extremely common, especially as people age; according to the Harvard Health Blog, about two-thirds of people develop floaters by the time they are 80 years old. For most people, floaters are harmless.

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Jun 03, 2014
Is X-Ray Vision Possible? Seeing through the Hype

Is X-ray vision possible? If you’ve ever watched superhero movies or read Superman comics, this is a question you want answered. 

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Jun 02, 2014
Blurry Vision: A Major Obstacle to Success in Sports

Blurry vision can be a hindrance to several aspects of your life. It can keep you from adequately and safely seeing road signs when driving. It makes it harder to see an important notation made on a classroom blackboard or PowerPoint presentation at work. When it comes to athletic competition, blurred vision can be an absolute impediment to success on the field, court, or rink.

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