Day of your consultation

Arriving for Your Pre-Operative Consultation

Upon booking your consultation, you will receive an email confirming the time and date of your appointment. In this email, you will also find a link to a patient information sheet, which we encourage you to complete online, prior to your appointment. This sheet contains questions pertaining to your health, the medications that you may be taking and other important health information. Please be advised that an in-clinic pre-operative consultation will take, on average, two hours to complete and a virtual consultation will last approximately 30 minutes.

Pre-Operative Consultation

The Pre-Operative Consultation

We now offer two options for consultations: You can either visit us in-clinic or meet with a member of our eye care team virtually.

In-clinic consultations

You will be taken to our pre-operative room where we will conduct a series of painless tests, the results of which will enable us to determine your candidacy. At this time, we will determine the best procedure for you, further explain the recommended vision correction procedure, and provide you with precise, surgery-specific pricing.

Depending on your prescription, we may need to dilate your pupils. If so, your eyes will be sensitive to light. Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you to the appointment. The majority of patients have their pupils dilated.

Before you visit us for your preoperative consultation, it's important for you to review our contact lens policy.

Virtual consultations
(for patients aged 18 to 39 inclusively)

Virtual pre-operative consultations are available as an option to help discuss candidacy for a vision correction procedure based on the information you are able to share with us. During this appointment, you will meet, via phone or video conference, with one of our eye care professionals who will review your vision and eye health, explain the different vision correction options we offer and answer any of your questions. At this time, we will also provide you with a range of price for the procedures you may be a candidate for and which are best recommended for your personal profile. Should you prefer to finance your procedure, the available options will be discussed with you as well.

The consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and we ask that you come prepared with your glasses and/or contact lens prescription, if available. You can find your prescription on your contact lens packaging.

We would ask that you find a quiet and comfortable place for your appointment as important information will be discussed at this time.

In order to help limit your number of visits to the clinic we will offer you an in-clinic assessment on the same day as your procedure, during which we will perform some eye imaging scans and measurements to confirm your candidacy, and ensure you obtain the best post-operative results possible.