Informed Consent

You have the right to consent to or refuse any treatment or procedure at any time prior to its performance. Consent is a process that involves many steps. Please remember that we are available to answer any questions you may have.


Informed consent process


  • Eye exam

During your pre-operative consultation, we will examine your eyes to determine if you are a candidate for vision correction according to criteria established by the surgeon. We will then provide you with an explanation of the procedure, the risks, complications and expected benefits, the alternatives, if particular conditions that might affect your decision to undergo the procedure.


  • Surgical counselling

Before your surgery, we will ensure that you have been provided with a surgical information package and the accompanying consent form(s). We request that you review these documents while an eye care professional is present to answer your questions. After this, LASIK MD staff will complete much of the information on the consent form(s) with you in preparation for the signing and witnessing of your signature.


  • Surgeon

To assist you in making an informed decision, your surgeon will cover the risks and complications that are specific to your needs. Please notify your surgeon if you have unanswered questions. You will also be given a specific post-operative plan, for which you will also need to provide consent. Your surgeon is not required to explain risks that are extremely unlikely, or those that your surgeon does not know about, even if these become known at a later time. Your surgeon will provide you with information and materials considered necessary for a person in your position to use in deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure.


  • Patient consent form

Now that you have read this material and have spoken to a clinical counselor, optometrist or surgeon, it’s time for the next step: undergoing your laser vision correction procedure. But before you do, you will need to sign a patient consent form.

The patient consent form(s) will indicate to us that you have been made aware of the nature of the procedure along with any risks or benefits associated with it. In signing this, you have also been made aware of any alternatives to the procedure, and you are thereby making an informed decision to undergo the procedure. You may request a copy of your consent form(s) at any time.