Astigmatism treatments

In the normal eye, the cornea (which is the outer, clear window of the eye) is curved equally on the horizontal and vertical directions, like a baseball. When light rays enter the eye and hit the cornea, they focus at a single point.

Astigmatism is a blurriness of vision caused by the cornea being an irregular shape rather than perfectly round – a shape kind of like a football instead of a baseball. As a result, light rays entering the eye do not focus at a single point, causing distorted vision. Most people with myopia or hyperopia have some degree of astigmatism.

graphic astigmatism

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To correct this eye problem, a laser eye surgeon uses advanced laser technology to make the corneal curve more even, eliminating the astigmatism in the eye. This correction allows light rays to focus directly onto the retina for clear vision.

Glasses and contacts do a poor job of correcting astigmatism. Those who have LASIK to correct astigmatism often have a better quality of vision after surgery than before with glasses and contacts. LASIK MD will determine, based on your level of astigmatism the customized vision solution to correct your vision problem. All you have to do is come in for a free consultation. Book your appointment today!