What to expect

The process to undergoing laser vision correction is actually much easier than you think. From the pre-operative consultation to the day of your procedure, our helpful staff will be there to guide you along the way. Here’s what you can expect from your experience at LASIK MD.

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Before the surgery

Feeling excited? Look over our recommended guidelines on how to prepare for your upcoming surgery.

day of surgery

Read all about the different steps you will undergo on the day of your procedure.

After the surgery

Post-operative care is an important step of the LASIK process.


Results? Downtime? Read about what you can expect after your procedure.

Myths and facts

We debunk some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about laser vision correction. We also reveal the facts that will help you see LASIK in a new light.


Still got questions about LASIK? Read some of our most frequently asked questions about the procedure.