Corporate social responsibility

Each and every LASIK MD employee shares a common goal, and that is working together to help patients discover the freedom—and all of the joy that comes with it—of no longer wearing glasses or contacts. Beyond the work we do in our clinics, we understand the importance of being a responsible global citizen as well as the need to give back. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee provides opportunities for employees to engage in social, environmental, volunteer, and charitable initiatives that benefit their communities and the global community at large.

LASIK MD gives back

LASIK MD supports a broad range of community initiatives through various donations, sponsorships, and employee volunteer activities. Here’s a look at just some of the things we’ve done:


Operation Eyesight

LASIK MD is proud to encourage all of its employees, from clinical staff to those at the head office level, to participate in a voluntary per payroll donation. All proceeds collected from this initiative benefit Operation Eyesight, an international development organization with the goal of eliminating preventable blindness across the world.

We've also more recently undertaken a number of initiatives (with the help of our patients) to help raise even more money for this worthwhile organization.

Over the last 8 years, we've raised over $68,000 for Operation Eyesight. Through our many initiatives, we will continue to support this important cause.

Operation eyesight


Changing sight at The Hospital for Sick Children

In 2015, LASIK MD donated an excimer laser to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids®). This donation has helped many brave, young patients benefit from improved eyesight. That’s because many medical conditions can prevent children from seeing properly. One patient who received such care was Callum Blackburn, a young boy with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that negatively affected his vision. However, with help from the team of surgeons at the SickKids® Hospital and a laser vision correction procedure, Callum was able to see clearly—a life-changing result that has helped him learn, communicate with his family, and take in the vibrant world around.

See more about Callum and his story here:


Vision to Give

LASIK MD's Vision to Give program sends the glasses that have been donated by LASIK MD patients to people in need in developing countries. This initiative is vital as some 90% of the world’s visually-impaired populations live in low-income environments and have little access to affordable eye care, as per World Health Organization. LASIK MD and its patient’s involvement in this effort can help treat refractive errors which overall helps to improve the quality of vision and well-being for many people in these communities.

Watch this video to see how your specs get a second-life and help people in need:



LASIK MD is a company that cares. At the core of our business’ mission is the pillar that has helped us grow to what we are today: helping people. We encourage our employees to give back in different ways, from donating food and clothing to local shelters or contributing to efforts by organizations like the Canadian Red Cross.

Run for the Cure Team Lasik MD