Blurry Vision: A Major Obstacle to Success in Sports
Jun 02, 2014 • 86 VIEWS • All articlesSports

Blurry Vision: A Major Obstacle to Success in Sports

Blurry vision is a potential hindrance in several facets of life. It can keep you from adequately and safely seeing road signs when driving. It can make it hard to see an important notation made on the blackboard or in a PowerPoint presentation during class or work. And, when it comes to athletic competition, blurred vision can be an absolute anathema to success on the field, court, or rink.

For those who have dealt with blurry vision while playing sports, they have experienced just how detrimental the effect of having less than ideal vision can be on their games and performance. Blurred vision can be the result of a variety of mild to serious diseases, disorders, or conditions. Most often caused by minor problems, such as nearsightedness or wearing the wrong eyeglasses, blurred vision can also be a normal sign of aging.

As more and more athletes have turned to LASIK to correct their vision, they have witnessed firsthand not only how the procedure simplifies their lives through going glasses-, goggles-, or contacts-free, but also how it improves their athletic performance. LASIK has corrected the vision of many athletes — from recreational league warriors to professional all-stars such as Tiger Woods, Greg Maddux, Amare Stoudemire, and Troy Aikman — and it’s little wonder why.

Good vision is at the heart of so many hand-eye coordination athletic endeavors, such as hockey, golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, and football. Just think about how important it is for a hitter to see that 95 mile per hour fastball when stepping up to the plate, or for a goalie in hockey or soccer to see that puck or ball flying toward the top corner of the net. For many stubborn athletes of both the amateur and professional variety, it sometimes becomes a point of pride whether they ultimately want to wear glasses or contacts on the playing field, as it is difficult to admit that the natural process of deteriorating vision is now affecting their eyes. And for this, their games, if not lives, tend to suffer.

With the incredible advances made in LASIK vision correction, more and more athletes will continue to turn to this miraculous procedure as a means of counteracting the negative effects of blurry vision.

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