Custom LASIK

While Standard LASIK has been a revolution in vision correction, LASIK MD offers the latest in laser vision correction technology, Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK, which uses topography-guided technology. Topography-guided technology enables your surgeon to further customize the standard LASIK procedure by taking more precise measurements of your eye structure, creating a highly detailed "map" for the surgeon to use during LASIK. The rest of the LASIK surgery remains mostly the same.

If you have a higher prescription, thin corneas, or larger-than-average pupils, then Custom LASIK technology is probably the procedure that is best suited for your eyes and needs.

Patients who are candidates for Standard LASIK are also eligible for this technology.

Please note that Custom LASIK can also be performed using an IntraLase femtosecond laser, instead of a precision flap-making instrument (microkeratome), to create the corneal flap, making it an All-Laser LASIK procedure.


The custom LASIK advantages

More Patients Are Candidates

Custom LASIK allows for the correction of vision in a greater number of patients, including those with higher prescriptions and even those who may have been deemed non-candidates in the past.

Better Quality of Vision

Custom LASIK can, in many cases, improve the quality of both day and night vision compared to standard treatments. The laser is capable of treating people with larger pupils and is better for night time vision quality. It also minimizes the risk of night time glare and haloes. Custom LASIK results in a corneal shape that is closer to the normal curvature of the natural eye, providing better quality for both day and night vision.

Increased Accuracy and Safety for Better Results

Custom LASIK removes 20%-30% less corneal tissue, which is healthier and safer for the eye. Custom LASIK is also particularly beneficial for patients with thinner-than-average corneas, larger pupils, or higher prescriptions.

Discover if you are a candidate for Custom LASIK by booking a free, no-obligation consultation.