Up to 20%** off reading vision correction procedures

PresbyVisionTM procedures help you see near, far and everywhere in between.

Finally, a solution for presbyopia (up-close reading vision loss) that doesn’t include reading glasses! Presbyopia happens when the eye’s natural lens begins to harden with age, lowering the eye’s level of elasticity. It affects the majority of the population as they enter their 40s and makes reading up-close more difficult.

Save up to 20% on your procedure and get interest-free financing

Save up to 20%** on your procedure. Clear vision is more affordable than you thought!

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**Only applicable towards PresbyVisionTM procedures for both eyes. Up to a maximum savings of $500/eye. Transferable. Cannot be combined with any other discount, special offer or corporate plan. Redeemable at all LASIK MD clinics except clinics located in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Offer subject to change or termination without prior notice.