How we make LASIK affordable

With more than 30 clinics across North America and over 20 years of experience, there’s a reason why we're a leading choice in the industry. See how we're able to offer high-quality vision correction procedures for less than anywhere else by watching the video below.

Below are some other ways we're able to make LASIK within reach:

  • As one of the largest providers of laser vision correction in North America, we are uniquely positioned to negotiate larger discounts on the laser vision technology used by the professionals in our clinics. This means you can enjoy the benefits, too, as we pass along these savings to our patients.

  • Efficiency is a top priority in our clinics. We train our staff in best practices to ensure that all procedures are conducted in a safe yet timely fashion. Furthermore, each of our eye care professionals is highly-trained in their domain—this inside-out knowledge in their area of expertise contributes to the overall success of our clinics.

  • Instead of leasing its equipment, LASIK MD owns the vast majority of its laser technology. LASIK MD clinics own a combined total of more than 80 lasers—more lasers than any North American laser vision correction provider.

We believe that vision correction shouldn't be considered a luxury, and that everyone should be able to enjoy its life-changing benefits. This is why we are pleased to offer high-quality care at an affordable price.