May 22, 2014
A fine line: four sports that demand precision

Certain types of sports demand a level of visual precision above and beyond what is required in other areas of one’s life. These are the sports where a hair-length’s difference could separate gold from silver, or victory from defeat. The following four sports are a representation of activities where visual acuity takes on a whole new level of importance.

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May 16, 2014
Top 4 Bird’s Eye Views

North America is full of beautiful landscapes and stunning city skylines. Often the best way to take in these sights is by getting high above for bird’s eye views. While this is by no means a definitive list of the best views on the continent, here are four of our favourites.

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May 02, 2014
The 5 Best 3D Movies

Here are some of the best 3D films released in recent years.

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Apr 30, 2014
Eye Protection in Sports: The Evolution of the Hockey Goalie Mask

Eye protection in sports is extremely important. For goalies in the sport of hockey, where brave goaltenders face a veritable fusillade of slapshots and one-timers, eye protection is especially important. Rubber pucks traveling upwards of 100 miles per hour elevate off the surface of the ice and fly towards the faces of these goalies.

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Apr 25, 2014
How to Tell if Someone Is Lying: Is It All in the Eyes?

How to tell if someone is lying is something that has haunted everyone including skeptical mothers, jealous lovers, probing attorneys, avaricious poker players, and interrogating cops, among many others. 

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