Physicians and LASIK procedure satisfaction levels

Physicians and LASIK procedure satisfaction levels

LASIK and other vision correction procedures have been delivering life-changing results for over 30 years. Over 25 million people worldwide have undergone LASIK and it continues to be the most popular elective procedure in the world with the highest satisfaction rate. Lots of folks from different occupations have enjoyed their results, including those in the medical field.

LASIK provides highly satisfactory results

A recent Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery article highlights that physicians who have opted for laser vision correction are more than thrilled when it comes to the results of their LASIK procedure.

The statistics, according to the study highlighted in the article, are striking:

98.3% of physicians report being very satisfied with their results, and 96.6% report that they would undergo the procedure again.

The article is based on a study whereby physicians had their level of patient satisfaction recorded after undergoing an All-Laser LASIK surgery completed with one of two specific types of advanced technology: wavefront-optimized and topography-guided.

The technology behind the results


The technology behind the results

Over the past 30 years, the technology behind the LASIK procedure has been improved to offer more reliable and predictable results, ensuring higher patient satisfaction.

The procedure itself is pretty straight forward: the surgeon creates a flap on the surface of a patient’s cornea and lifts it up in order to better access the corneal tissue below, which is then reshaped with a specialized laser (called an excimer laser) for better vision. The flap is then re-placed back on the eye and it begins to naturally heal.

Originally LASIK procedures used a microkeratome blade to create the flap, however this was not an option for patients with thinner-than average corneas. Today, those patients now have the option of a femtosecond laser for flap creation. At LASIK MD, this is known as All-Laser LASIK.

Similarly, technological improvements have allowed for progress to be made with regards to how surgeons can reshape corneal tissue for better results. At LASIK MD, we offer Custom LASIK (also known as Custom Wavefront LASIK, which utilizes topography-guided technology) as an option for certain patients. Topography-guided LASIK is when, prior to a patient's procedure, we perform an extra scan of their eyes that gives us a fully customized map of their corneal surface. That map is then uploaded directly into the excimer laser platform and creates a fully customized treatment profile for each patient.

The benefits of Custom LASIK are numerous: increased accuracy means that the procedure typically removes 20%-30% less tissue than Standard LASIK, which is healthier and safer for the eye. Additionally, this type of procedure allows for better nighttime vision, and minimizes the risk of nocturnal glares and halos. More patients are candidates for this type of procedure as it can treat patients with a higher prescription, and those with larger pupils and/or thinner-than-average corneas.

These patients can opt to undergo Custom All-Laser LASIK, combining the benefits offered by these advanced technologies for both crucial steps of the procedure, allowing for more precise results. This then leads to more satisfied patients, as every step of the procedure is customized to a patient’s eye.

Medical professionals and the importance of exceptional vision

Physicians and other specialists in the medical field require exceptional vision due to the high visual demands that are placed on them as part of their job, and this is particularly true for surgeons. They require keen eyesight to perform very minute tasks related to surgery and so place more emphasis on having exceptional results after their procedure.

These physicians’ satisfaction rates are similar to those seen with the general population.

In fact, LASIK MD reports a patient satisfaction rate of 99%*, as we place a huge emphasis on tailoring treatment to each individual patient to ensure optimal results.

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*99% figure taken from internal Patient Satisfaction survey results