Are The Results Of LASIK Permanent?

Are The Results Of LASIK Permanent?

Choosing to undergo a vision correction procedure is a big decision, and not only because it’s a type of surgery. It’s a big financial investment that can appear more expensive than glasses and contacts. But you may be surprised to learn that LASIK can save you money in the long run. While glasses and contacts require recurring purchases, a vision correction procedure is a one-time investment. It’ll save you money on future glasses and contact lens-related expenses, like new frames and lenses. Try our Savings Calculator to see for yourself.

It's possible to call LASIK a one-time investment because it’s designed to deliver long lasting results; the changes the laser makes to the cornea are permanent. Many LASIK MD patients enjoy clear vision for years to come after a procedure. Here’s what you should know about how the permanency of LASIK.

How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK eye surgery works to correct the root of the refractive error by reshaping the corneal tissue. Since this tissue doesn’t grow back, the results are considered permanent. Though LASIK can’t prevent age-related changes to vision in the future, most patients enjoy clear vision for decades after their procedure.

At LASIK MD, the majority of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after vision correction. We’re dedicated to offering superior visual results, and one way we do this is through our 20/20 vision commitment,* which guarantees a free procedure for eligible patients who don’t achieve 20/20 vision post-procedure. Please ask LASIK MD staff during your pre-operative consultation for more information on our commitment.

How Does LASIK Work?

Though LASIK involves the permanent reshaping of corneal tissue, it’s a relatively simple procedure. Not only is it minimally invasive, but the surgery is usually quick with a typically speedy recovery.

During the procedure, the surgeon creates a tiny flap in the cornea using either a laser or a tool known as a microkeratome, depending on the type of LASIK surgery being performed. The doctor will then lift the flap to reveal the underlying corneal tissue, which is subsequently reshaped with an excimer laser.

At LASIK MD, we offer free consultations to confirm your candidacy and recommend a personalized treatment plan for you. During the appointment, we’ll run a series of diagnostic tests, which will be used to create a map of the patient’s cornea. This allows the surgeon to know exactly how to reshape the tissue during the procedure to correct the refractive error.

LASIK can treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism (blurry vision at all distances). Plus, 90% of people between the ages of 18 to 65 are excellent candidates for LASIK. Why wait? Don’t miss out on enjoying clear vision in the long run. Book a free consult today.

*This commitment is not a guarantee of medical or surgical outcomes, or that laser vision correction will result in 20/20 vision. It also does not guarantee against the occurrence of complications, or that a lifetime of normal vision will be maintained. Applicable to surgery for both eyes.   
The schedule for your post-operative assessments to maintain eligibility in this plan will be outlined in the materials given to you prior to your laser vision correction treatments. Refunds are subject to certain conditions; ask us for more details.   
Eligibility to be determined by the LASIK MD staff during your pre-operative consultation.