How Long The LASIK Process Takes: From Pre-Op To Post-Op

How Long The LASIK Process Takes: From Pre-Op To Post-Op

LASIK is a life-changing investment, but it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming one. There’s no need to pause your life for LASIK. Not only does the procedure last an average of a few minutes, but the recovery is also usually quick and easy.

At LASIK MD, we strive to make the journey to clear vision as simple as possible for our patients. We value your time and will lay out what you can expect during the LASIK process from the beginning. We’ve completed over 2 million procedures, which is why LASIK MD is one of the leading vision correction providers in North America.

Here's how long the LASIK process tends to take at LASIK MD, from the pre-operative consultation to the post-operative appointment.

How Long Is A LASIK Consultation?

The first step in the LASIK journey is booking a free consultation. This is a chance to confirm your eligibility, consider your options, and have any questions or concerns addressed.

At LASIK MD, we offer both in-clinic and virtual consultations. Generally, in-clinic pre-ops take two hours to complete, whereas virtual consultations last approximately 30 minutes.

During the in-clinic consultation, our staff will conduct a series of diagnostic tests to confirm if you’re eligible for LASIK - 90% of people between the ages of 18 to 65 are excellent candidates. This also allows us to recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your visual needs. Even if you’re not recommended for LASIK, we offer a variety of vision correction procedures, so we may have one better suited for you.

Virtual consultations are offered to minimize the number of times a patient needs to visit the clinic. If your pre-op is virtual, we will assess your eyes in-clinic on the same day as your procedure to ensure your candidacy, should you elect to have LASIK.

At LASIK MD, our pre-operative consultations are completely free and come with no-obligations. Read our blog for more information on what to expect from your LASIK pre-op.

How Long Is LASIK Surgery?

Patients can expect to be in the clinic for approximately four hours on the day of their procedure. This gives us time to verify your prescription and go over post-operative instructions, like how to use your eye drops and the recommended activity schedule.

However, the LASIK procedure itself is usually quick. The whole procedure takes an average of 10 minutes for two eyes, though the laser is generally used for less than 20 seconds per eye.

How Long Is The Recovery From LASIK?

One of the benefits of LASIK is that the recovery is usually fast. Most patients are back to their normal routine the next day, and don’t need to take time off from work or school.

We recommend that patients rest for the first 24 hours following their procedure. You’ll be given detailed post-operative instructions, including when it’s alright to resume specific activities.

We’ll also schedule you to come in for a post-operative appointment the day after. This will allow us to ensure your eyes are healing properly and gives you an opportunity to ask follow-up questions. Post-ops are usually quick and simple, and shouldn’t last longer than your pre-operative consultation.

Don’t wait to find freedom from glasses and contacts! The sooner you start the LASIK journey, the sooner you can experience clear vision. Book a FREE consultation with LASIK MD today.