How LASIK is Changing One Mother’s Life for the Better

How LASIK is Changing One Mother’s Life for the Better

When we say LASIK eye surgery is life-changing, we mean it. It can make life easier and simplify your daily routine by offering freedom from the hassle of glasses and contacts. Think about how much time it can save you in the morning. After vision correction, you’ll no longer struggle to find your glasses when you wake up or have to set time aside to put your contacts in.

Even a few extra minutes in your day can take a bit of stress off your plate, which, especially for parents, can make a world of difference. In honour of Mother’s Day, we spoke to Tania, a mother-of-two and brand manager at LASIK MD, who recently made the decision to undergo LASIK eye surgery.

How LASIK Can Transform Your Life As A Mom

Tania shared how excited she is to experience clear vision – and the difference she thinks it’ll make in her daily life as a mom.

“I can’t wait to wake up in the morning without having to fumble around with my glasses or try and get my contacts in while my kids are screaming at me,” Tania, who has a 4-year-old and 14-month-old, explained. “That will be a major win.”

“I can hop out of bed and get to my insane morning routine with one less thing to worry about! I also love that I’ll be able to do my sports, travel, drive, etc. without contacts or glasses. It will be amazing,” she continued. Tania went on to reveal that it’s actually her role as a mom that motivated her to opt for vision correction.

“My morning routine being disrupted with trying to get my contacts in, or having my kids mess around with my glasses (on and off my face),” she explained. “My eyes also get so dry by the end of the day with contacts in, and it makes bedtime routine and wrapping up the day difficult as my vision gets blurred.”

Treat Yourself to the Power of Clear Vision

LASIK is a one-time investment in your future that can lead to a lifetime of savings by reducing costs associated with glasses and contacts (use our savings calculator to see for yourself). But as with any medical procedure, it’s normal to be nervous or have questions about what to expect. Even though she works for LASIK MD, Tania admits she was initially apprehensive about having LASIK.

“I’ve always been worried about doing an elective procedure, but the inconvenience of my glasses and contacts has been enough to push me passed the fear associated with undergoing the surgery,” she said, explaining why she knows LASIK will be worth it.

“I also knew that LASIK is one of the safest elective procedures and that LASIK MD has an amazing track record, so I felt confident booking my procedure,” she continued.

LASIK has a track record of safety and efficacy, having been performed on over 40 million people worldwide. It’s widely considered to be one of the safest elective medical procedures available. And as Canada’s leading vision correction provider, you’re in good hands when you choose LASIK MD.

Another benefit of LASIK is that it often has a quick recovery. Most patients are back to their normal routine within 24 hours of the procedure and don’t need to take time off from work and school. This is a big factor for parents considering vision correction who don’t have the time or resources to take an extended break from their kids.

“I’ve made sure my husband and mom are available to watch the kids for 24 hours after the procedure so I can just chill and recover,” Tania said of what she’s planning for her LASIK recovery. “It’s also a great excuse to get a mini vacay from the family.”

When asked what advice she’d give fellow moms considering vision correction at LASIK MD, Tania replied, “Based on my pre-op procedure and the surgery booking process, I would say it’s a really lovely experience and as moms. We are always taking care of our families and putting others first.”

“The LASIK MD staff is so caring and thoughtful. It feels nice to be taken care of for a change and be treated as a VIP!” she continued. “And the process is seamless and relatively quick, so it doesn’t impact your busy life too much!”

If you’re tired of glasses and contacts, we’re confident you’ll love the freedom LASIK can offer, whether you’re a parent or not. This Mother’s Day, consider treating yourself or a fellow mother to a gift that’ll transform their life forever – clear vision with LASIK. Or simply treat yourself because you deserve it.

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