Does LASIK Hurt? Here’s The Truth
Oct 23, 2023 • All articles

Does LASIK Hurt? Here’s The Truth

If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, it’s normal to wonder whether the procedure is painful or not. At LASIK MD, we’re committed to delivering top-notch patient care in tandem with high quality procedures and results. We aim to make all of our patients as comfortable as possible during their LASIK journey, which includes educating you on what to expect.

Below, we address whether LASIK hurts and what you can expect to feel during the vision correction procedure.

Is The LASIK Surgery Painful?

There’s a reason that over 40 million people have chosen to undergo LASIK world-wide. Not only is it one of the safest elective medical procedures available, but it’s also virtually painless and offers a quick recovery for most patients.

During the procedure, patients don’t need to worry about experiencing pain. Our clinical staff will administer topical anesthetic drops to the eyes to numb them pre-surgery. This will help minimize potential discomfort.

You may feel a slight sensation of pressure when the LASIK surgeon applies the vacuum ring at the start of the surgery - this is totally normal. But overall, most people feel little to no pain or discomfort during the surgery.

At LASIK MD, many of our patients are surprised at how virtually painless and simple the surgery is, and most see an immediate improvement in their vision following the procedure.

Is the Recovery from LASIK Painful?

Just like the surgery, there’s typically little to no discomfort during the recovery from LASIK. In fact, one of the benefits of LASIK is that it often offers a quick recovery. Most of LASIK MD’s patients are back to their normal routine within 24-hours of the procedure, so it’s usually not necessary to take time off from school or work to undergo a vision correction procedure.

Following LASIK, many patients report a mild "foreign body" sensation in one or both eyes, which is normal. Some people compare it to opening their eyes in a chlorinated pool or having a dirty contact lens in their eye. Any discomfort usually diminishes within a few hours after the procedure.

It's also normal to experience dry eye side effects after having LASIK. This is often temporary and should improve quickly as the eye(s) heals. The symptoms of dry eyes can include stinging, redness, scratchiness, or visual fatigue. But not every LASIK patient experiences temporary dry eyes after their surgery, and in cases where it does occur, the symptoms can often easily be managed with a variety of treatment options.

When you undergo a vision correction procedure at LASIK MD, our team will request that you come in for a post-operative appointment the following day to monitor your recovery. This gives our team a chance to confirm your eyes are healing properly and allows you to have any questions about the recovery process addressed.

LASIK MD is happy to offer free consultations for anyone interested in laser vision correction. At the appointment, our team will confirm your eligibility, discuss your treatment options, and answer any concerns you may have about the procedure, including whether LASIK is painful. Don’t wait to experience freedom from glasses and contacts - book your free consultation with LASIK MD today.