Contact Sports: Risks and Rewards
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Contact Sports: Risks and Rewards

Contact sports come with inherent risk. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has done extensive research on the incidence rates of concussions across physically demanding team sports, and Safe Kids Worldwide reports that 1.35 million young athletes are treated for an injury each year. While most of these injuries are minor and the social benefits of sports usually outweigh potential injuries, it is critical that players take every precaution when they are on the field. This starts with the right protective gear but goes further: One of the biggest risks to athletes of any skill level is impaired vision.

Protect Yourself

Before you hit the field, you need to suit up. This includes a helmet to limit the chance of head injuries, a mouth guard to protect teeth, and pads to protect knees, wrists, and shoulders. The right footwear is also critical to avoid twisted ankles or broken toes.

What many players do not recognize, however, is the risk they assume by removing their glasses before heading out to play or by popping out their contacts just before a game. It is simple: While pads and helmets help limit the possibility and extent of injury if you get tackled or miss a catch and tumble to the ground, clear vision can help you avoid many of these injuries altogether in addition to improving your ability to play the game. If you can see what’s coming, you can get out of the way.

The Eyes Have It

You have two options when it comes to eye protection on the field. You can choose eyeglasses or contacts covered by an outer set of protective lenses, or you can limit your risk on the field by choosing LASIK laser vision correction. It starts with a consultation to determine what kind of correction your eyes need and which laser vision correction procedure is right for you. Thanks to advances in excimer laser technology, you now have the option of Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK, All-laser LASIK, and Standard LASIK, according to budget and preference. Once you are ready, schedule a date and time that works for you, and expect to be back on the field within two weeks.

LASIK is an ideal off-season procedure if you play contact sports. The healing time is minimal: light exercise and leisure activities can begin after three days, after one week you can resume contact sports with eye protection. After that, you can ramp up your training regimen and get back to peak form before the next season starts. This allows you to adjust to the new freedom you enjoy without your glasses or contacts and to test how your improved vision performs in a range of situations before the big competition.

Contact sports are a risky proposition, but not being able to see what happens on the field is riskier still. Always use the right equipment to keep yourself safe, and do not neglect your eyes. LASIK MD offers a simple way to take your game to the next level.

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