11 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Say Farewell to Reading Glasses this Summer

11 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Say Farewell to Reading Glasses this Summer

Summer is a season of simplicity. It’s about doing less and relaxing more. So, if you’re somebody who relies on reading glasses to see close-up distances clearly, we can understand some of the frustrations you may be feeling—especially during these hot, hazy summer months. From scouring magazines poolside to gearing up for yoga in the park, there are so many examples of activities made less fun by your dependence on reading glasses. Fortunately, a breakthrough procedure called PresbyVision™ can help remove the hassles of wearing reading glasses. PresbyVision™ is the kind of surgery those with reading glasses have been eagerly awaiting: not only does it help correct your reading vision, but it will aid you in seeing clearly at near, intermediate and far distances, too. Hungry for more information? Keep reading. Below is a list of some summer activities that we believe you’ll enjoy way more without needing to wear your reading glasses.

1. You’ll like wearing sunglasses again

One of the best parts about summer is the fashion. There’s nothing quite as confidence-boosting as slipping on a supremely stylish pair of shades to match with your summer outfit. Not only do they dress things up a little, but they’ll help shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays (which has the added bonus of preventing your eyes against harmful eye diseases like a pinguecula or pterygium). But no matter how great sunglasses look, they can become an instant burden when you’re required to layer them over your reading glasses. We think you’ll soon discover just how much better summer looks (and feels) without the reading glasses.

2. Summer activities will be fun again

Whether your summer sport of choice is long-distance jogging, bike-riding, or even just taking a stroll by the water, you’re going to love no longer needing your reading glasses for any of those activities! You’ll be able to take in your surroundings and all the sights with incredibly precise and accurate vision. Such fine detail will leave you wondering why you didn’t do the procedure sooner…

You’ll want to embark on road trips


3. You’ll want to embark on road trips

Road trips are a great way to travel with the family and explore parts unseen. But for those who wear reading glasses, driving can more dread than desirable. Much squinting and straining may be a part of the trip as with reading glasses, you end up switching to see the road ahead to more intermediate distances to see what exit you need to take. Then you’re forced to look back at the dashboard to see how fast you’re travelling or if there’s enough gas left in the tank. But with PresbyVision™, the struggle is lifted. The procedure helps you see clearly from near, intermediate, and far distances, making looking back and forth from different distances that much easier to contend with.

4. You’ll get some great poolside reading in

Perhaps one of the things made most inconvenient under the summer sun is how it can get in the way of leisurely summer reading. The last thing you want to do is have to double-up on eye wear just to see the pages of your book or magazine. PresbyVision™ makes flipping through your favourite novel or magazine easier.

5. You’ll see the menu of your favourite restaurant with clarity

With summer comes many afternoons and evenings spent dining out at your favourite restaurants (and their rooftop patios, if you’re feeling fancy). The last thing you want to have to do is rummage through your purse or pocket to find your reading glasses just to see the menu clearly. PresbyVision™ frees up your night a little. With near vision so clear, you also won’t have to worry about adding an extra “0” to the total tip amount by mistake. With PresbyVision™, you can spend less time searching for your reading glasses, and more time doing the things you love doing.

6. You’ll be able to take a dip without worrying about glasses

We bet you’ll take great pleasure diving into the pool, without worrying about whether your glasses are safe on the chair (after all, there’s always the risk of someone sitting on them).

Have fun with kids and grand kids


7. Have fun with kids and grand kids

When you won’t have to wear reading glasses, you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way of fun times with the family. Playing cards of piecing together puzzles are some activities typically enjoyed at the cottage—and these won’t be impeded by wearing your glasses.

8. Travel (much) lighter

You’ve packed your passport, all the shoes you need, and your bathing suit. Plus, you packed your toiletry bag to the brim. That means, unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for your readers. But don’t worry: with this surgery, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to bring along your (multiple) pairs of reading glasses. After all, who doesn’t love to pack a little lighter?

9. Grooming just got a little easier

The moment you remove reading glasses from the equation, you’ll quickly discover how much easier prepping for a night out or big event can get. With PresbyVision™, you’ll be able to clasp on that bracelet or watch without bother. And men: tying up a tie or bowtie can be done seamlessly and without struggle, thanks to the strain-free eyesight PresbyVision™ will deliver.

10. Dance (like no one’s watching)

While it’s true that you don’t need reading glasses or eyeglasses to perfect your presence on the dancefloor at the next wedding you’re invited to, wearing them can get in the way of your cool moves, or keep you from seeing your dance partner with utmost clarity. Imagine the freedom of dancing (like no one’s watching) without worrying that you’ll knock your reading glasses off your face!

Posing for the family photo


11. Posing for the family photo

No one wants to be the one ruining that family wedding photo. Instead of taking off your glasses just before the photographer has you saying “cheese,” PresbyVision™ means you won’t even have to wear the reading glasses at all! Better yet, you’ll be able to read that hilarious (but touching) speech that you wrote in front of your entire family!

It’s time you took a vacation from reading glasses

Want to make clear vision a part of your summer vacation? Book a free, no-obligation consultation today to see how we can help you see clearly—without those cumbersome reading glasses! It’ll be a summer you won’t soon forget.