Dr. Avi Wallerstein

Dr. Avi Wallerstein Announced As Recipient Of The 2020 Waring Medal

Montreal, Quebec – October 20, 2020

Dr. Avi Wallerstein, co-founder and co-national medical director of LASIK MD, has been named the recipient of the prestigious 2020 Waring Medal by the Journal of Refractive Surgery for his article ‘Effect of Anterior Corneal Higher-Order Aberration Ablation Depth on Primary Topography-Guided LASIK Outcomes’.

Published in the December 2019 edition of the journal, his research paper with co-author Dr. Mathieu Gauvin as well as Dr. Mark Cohen, the co-founder and co-national medical director of LASIK MD, explores the visual outcomes of over 9,700 eyes having different amounts of corneal irregularities that had undergone topography-guided laser in-situ keratomileusis, also known as LASIK.

The study shows that topography-guided imaging and software treats even large amounts of irregularities exceptionally well and result in excellent outcomes.

“I’m honoured to be the recipient of this distinguished award,” says Dr. Wallerstein. “To receive recognition and validation for advancing the science behind vision correction procedures is the ultimate reward for our work. I could not have accomplished such a milestone without the outstanding work of Dr. Gauvin, who is the director of LASIK MD’s R&D team.”

He continued, “Our research continually improves our clinical outcomes which is a big benefit to patients.”

You can read the Journal of Refractive Surgery article at LASIKMD.com. To learn more about Dr. Wallerstein’s accomplishments and accolades, please see his LASIK MD surgeon biography as well as his work at The McGill Refractive Surgery Research Unit.

About the Waring Medal

The Waring Medal for editorial excellence is awarded annually to an author who has made a significant contribution to the Journal of Refractive Surgery by publishing an outstanding paper. The recipient of the award is decided upon by the associate editors of the journal. The medal represents the tenure and contributions of George O. Waring, III, MD, FACS, FRCOphth, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Refractive Surgery from 1989 to 2010.