How will LASIK change my life?

There are so many reasons why more patients are turning to the benefits of a laser vision correction procedure: They want to discover the freedom—and joys—of living without glasses or contacts. 


Post-LASIK Life

Whether you are farsightednearsighted, have presbyopia (the eye condition associated with blurry reading vision) or have astigmatism, laser eye surgery doesn't just improve your vision—it improves so much more. Patients choose laser vision correction for a number of reasons, but below, you’ll find a few of the more popular ones.

patients want to discover the freedom

An active lifestyle

Laser eye surgery contributes to more freedom for patients who live active lifestyles. Many of our patients include professional athletes, as well as those whose careers require strong vision such as air traffic controllers, emergency response teams, surgeons as well as photographers.



The prospect of being able to drive without wearing glasses or contacts, or being able to wake up and see without putting in contact lenses usually stand out as reasons for undergoing LASIK. Plus, patients no longer need to worry about carrying around a contact lens case or solution with them, making for less baggage to carry around.


Saves time and money

Not only will you save time every morning and night from fussing with your contact lenses but you will also save money from having to spend on new contacts and cleaning solutions.


Patients like the way they look

Beyond improving the function of our eyesight, many of our patients say that they like the way they look without glasses.


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