Alternative treatments

There are a few alternative keratoconus treatments available for people who suffer from the eye disease. In its mildest form, eyeglasses or soft contact lenses will correct vision. However, though glasses and contacts may correct vision, they do not stop the progression of keratoconus. As the disease progresses and the cornea thins, becoming increasingly irregular in shape, glasses and soft contacts no longer provide adequate vision correction.

Gas-permeable contact lenses can be used as an alternative keratoconus treatment. For some, these rigid contact lenses are the only way to correct vision adequately. These must be fitted with great care. Most patients need frequent checkups and frequent contact lens changes to achieve good vision and comfort.

In some instances the use of one lens on top of another (known as piggy-backing) provides another alternative keratoconus treatment solution. Traditionally, the only way to stop keratoconus has been a corneal transplant. However, newer technologies now exist that can delay the need for and even prevent a transplant entirely.

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