Jan 25, 2018
Your complete guide to eye exams: Visual acuity test, pupil dilation, and more!

Do you remember when your last eye exam was? If you can't, that means you might be due for one. In this blog post, you'll find all the information needed about eye exams, and how to keep your eye health in check.

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Dec 18, 2017
Keep Your Eyes Healthy with These Eye Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Whether glamming it up for a holiday party, or just tackling your everyday makeup regime, there’s no denying that eye makeup—including your favourite tools like mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow—add a little oomph to your look. But take heed: dressing up your eyes is a form of primping and pampering that comes with a caveat. Sometimes, something as enjoyable as getting your eyes all prettied up can cause harm, so follow these eye makeup tips to keep your eyes safe, and infection-free.

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Dec 15, 2017
9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Astigmatism

If you’re a glasses or contact lens wearer, this question might have come up before: “Do you have astigmatism?” If you’re not quite sure how you should answer, then this blog post is for you. We’re going to share some of the more common facts about astigmatism, as well as tell you what symptoms you can and should look out for, and the steps you can take to treat them.

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Nov 28, 2017
8 Ways to Know if you’re a Candidate for LASIK or another type of Vision Correction Procedure

Have you ever lost a contact lens to the drain of your bathroom sink? Or had to wipe fog off the lenses on your glasses after taking a sip of piping hot coffee? If you’ve worn glasses or contact lenses, then we’d bet that these have probably happened to you before. So if this sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably got a good idea of just how frustrating wearing either glasses or contacts can be.

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Nov 27, 2017
Is LASIK permanent? The truth from our experts at LASIK MD

The short answer: Yes, LASIK surgery is designed to reshape the cornea. Permanently. This means that, once they've undergone this life-changing procedure, many of our patients won’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses in the decades to come.

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