20 questions with Dr. Avi Wallerstein (audio interview)

20 questions with Dr. Avi Wallerstein (audio interview)

Are you over 40 years old and have trouble with your up-close reading vision? You might have presbyobia, an age-related eye condition that eventually affects most people. Recently, LASIK MD co-founder and National Medical Director Dr. Avi Wallerstein stopped by CJAD 800 AM in Montreal for their Ask The Experts segment to discuss presbyopia, as well as how LASIK MD can help.

Listen to the complete segment below or skip ahead to some of the most popular questions that came up during the segment.


1. Can you tell us about LASIK MD?

2. What is presbyobia?

3. Does presbyopia get worse as you grow older?

4. What are some signs that you might have presbyopia?

5. What are the different solutions to treat presbyopia?

6. What is PresbyVision ™ and what’re the differences in-between the two procedures?

7. Is PresbyVision™ safe?

8. Does it hurt?

9. Can you go blind from a PresbyVision™ procedure?

10. How many procedures do you do each year?

11. What are some of the complications, if any, that can occur as a result of a procedure?

12. Do you operate on both eyes at the same time?

13. How new is the use of the trifocal lens used for Lens PresbyVision™?

14. How do people react to the surgery?

15. How long after a PresbyVision™ procedure can you get back to your routine?

16. How long do the procedures take?

17. Do you need a referral from your eye doctor?

18. If your prescription changes, can you still get PresbyVision™?

19. Can you have a PresbyVision™ procedure if you’ve had another laser vision correction procedure in the past?

20. Do you need to be a specific age to get laser vision correction?


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