The Top 10 Characters with Dorky Glasses
Aug 19, 2013 • All articles

The Top 10 Characters with Dorky Glasses

For decades, TV and film writers have been using dorky glasses to portray their characters as nerds in cartoons, TV shows, and movies. Fortunately for everyone living in the real world, a LASIK procedure is an option if you want to go for a glasses-free look. For your entertainment, here is a top 10 list of characters with dorky glasses.

10. Dwight—The Office

Dwight Kurt Schrute III is first on the list with his silver, wire-framed glasses that pair nicely with his unflattering parted hairstyle. Fun fact about Dwight: He is the only character from the show that appears and has lines in every single episode of the series.

9. Milhouse—The Simpsons

Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten can’t see without his thick, red-framed glasses. Fun fact about Milhouse: He was named after U.S. President Richard Nixon, whose middle name was Milhous.

8. Mary Katherine Gallagher—Saturday Night Live and Superstar

With her iconic habit of putting her hands in her armpits and then smelling them when she gets nervous, Mary Katherine Gallagher is always wearing her cat-eye glasses that stand out from her Catholic school uniform.

7. Tina—Bob’s Burgers

Tina Belcher is the oldest sibling in this animated sitcom that debuted in 2011. She wears large, black glasses, has minimal social skills, and has a love for horses, rainbows, zombies, and writing erotic fiction.

6. Squints—The Sandlot

Michael “Squints” Palledorous is the shortstop who wears thick, black-framed glasses in this classic ’90s film. Fun fact: 20th Century Fox was sued by Michael Polydoros, a childhood classmate of the movie’s writer/director David Evans, for defamation of character relating to “Squints.” The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of California, which ultimately ruled in favor of 20th Century Fox.

5. Velma—Scooby-Doo

Velma Dinkley is prone to losing her oversized, black-framed glasses while being chased by villains. Naturally, she’s portrayed as the brains of the group.

4. Milton—Office Space

Milton Waddams’ glasses are so thick that they actually make his eyes look three times their normal size. He is a classic nerdy character that treasures his red stapler and is often mumbling to himself.

3. Austin Powers

Sir Augustine Danger “Austin” Powers is not your typical spy. He wears lavish outfits with bold glasses and has plenty of mojo to go around.

2. Urkel—Family Matters

Steven Quincy Urkel is arguably one of the most famous characters in TV history thanks to his dorky glasses. They are oversized with red frames and he wears them with the croakies (or strap) around his neck. Fun fact: Urkel was only supposed to appear once in the show, but was later added to the main cast due to his popularity.

1. Napoleon Dynamite

At the top of the list is Napoleon Dynamite, who wears ’80s-style, silver-wire glasses to complement his unusual permed hairstyle and emotionless face. Napoleon is an awkward teenager with some impressive dance moves.

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