See the benefits of improving eyesight in winter with LASIK

See the benefits of improving eyesight in winter with LASIK

When people think about improving eyesight with LASIK, the benefits that usually come to mind are associated with summer—the wonder of swimming at the beach without having to worry about losing glasses, or spending long summer nights out without getting dry eyes from irritated contact lenses. The carefree, clear vision from LASIK is great for summer, but the time of year I find myself most grateful for my LASIK procedure is during the winter.

Foggy glasses

I always hated wearing my glasses in winter because they would fog up all the time. If I wore glasses while working outside, playing hockey, or shoveling snow, that alone was usually enough to coat them in a thick, white layer of condensation. Skiing with glasses under goggles made it even worse. Whether or not my glasses fogged up outside, when I went inside after wearing my them out in the cold, they invariably fogged up.

Sunglasses in the snow

In addition to the fog problem, my glasses also prevented me from wearing sunglasses. In winter, reflection off the snow makes it even more important to wear sunglasses, both for comfort and to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses are critical for driving in winter, when reflection off the snow and the glare on the windshield from slush on the road can be dangerous without sunglasses. Try going out cross-country skiing or snowshoeing without UV protection on a sunny day, and you'll find yourself suffering from snow blindness in a matter of hours.

Dry winter air

Wearing contacts in winter was not much better than wearing glasses. I suffered from dry eyes when I wore contacts, and the increased dryness of winter air made this problem even worse. While in more humid air my contacts might be tolerable until the evening, the winter air dried them out by mid-afternoon. Following my LASIK procedure, these problems are gone. Whether I'm playing hockey, building a snowman, or just driving around town, I don't have to worry about fog or any of the annoyances of poor vision. For me, improving eyesight with LASIK made winter fun again.