How getting LASIK helps your eyes in the winter

How getting LASIK helps your eyes in the winter

When people think about getting LASIK, the benefits that often come to mind are associated with the summer months: swimming underwater, days spent at the beach without glasses, and long nights out without the worry of dry eyes from extended contact use. While there are definitely benefits to getting LASIK in the summer, here are the different reasons why you should consider getting LASIK during the winter.

Get rid of foggy glasses

It’s no secret that wearing glasses outside during the winter causes them to fog up, especially when you go back indoors. Whether it’s while shoveling snow, walking the dog, or cleaning the car, foggy glasses are an all-too-familiar problem.

What about winter sports? If you’ve ever tried skiing or playing hockey outside, you know that it’s difficult to fit your glasses under your equipment and with all the exertion from the activities, it’s not long before those glasses start fogging up again.

Wearing sunglasses in the winter

Sunglasses play an important role in eye health. This is equally true in the winter, where reflection of the sun off the snow is very strong. Sunglasses are especially critical for driving in winter, when this reflection and the glare on the windshield from slush and snow can make it difficult to see without sunglasses or squinting. And while there are many stylish options for sunglasses, a pair with a prescription can be quite expensive.

Dry winter air and contacts

Contact-wearers are all too familiar with the many reasons why their contacts might burn. Unfortunately, one of those reasons is dry eyes which is often worse during the winter when we spend more time indoors with the heat on. Without the natural humidity in the air provided by the summer months, it can be particularly uncomfortable to wear contact lenses in the winter.

Whatever the season, there are so many reasons why you might want to get rid of your glasses or contacts. If you’re ready to find out more, book your free, no-obligation consultation today!