Presbyopia symptoms and how to correct them

Age-related reading vision loss symptoms and how to correct them

Do you ever find yourself saying this?

"Excuse me, but did that headline say, 'Warning: Cold slap heading your way'?"



Or maybe this?

"Can someone just tell me today’s specials please? I can’t read the menu without my glasses..."



It’s all because of the lens in your eye


It loses elasticity as you age, making up-close reading harder. If only you could stretch it at the gym like you would with your hamstrings.


You might start to notice these things about yourself

symptoms of presbyopia

Plus, your kids can’t stop laughing at you when any (or all) of the above occurs. Don’t worry, though: karma will get them!

And traditional solutions aren’t the best

reading glassesReading glasses:

can never be found when you need them

contact lensescontact lenses:

may be irritating and dry out your eyes


can make you feel old

Plus, reading glasses and bifocals
have their limitations

Reading glasses

Corrects near vision

reading glasses

Corrects near and far vision



There is now a complete, long-term
and hassle-free solution for presbyopia:





See everything you want to see,
when you want to see it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about presbyopia
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