#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Stéphane Jean-Bart
Feb 08, 2017 • All articles

#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Stéphane Jean-Bart

For LASIK MD’s 15-year anniversary, we asked some of our long-time employees to share their experiences about what life is like at LASIK MD. In our fourth instalment of the #LASIKMD15 series, we spoke to Stéphane Jean-Bart, an ophthalmic technician. Keep reading to take a look at what working here looks like through his eyes.

What motivates you the most about working here at LASIK MD?
Something that motivates me working here is that I can always strive to do my very best and continually make use of my knowledge and expertise to best respond to our patients’ needs. Because to me, there’s nothing I appreciate more than seeing a sense of satisfaction in a patient’s eyes.

What is one way that the company has changed since you started working here?
I would say that one of the most remarkable changes I’ve seen happen at LASIK MD is the implementation of electronic medical records and files. Naturally, we were a little apprehensive about the new system at first, but ultimately, it simplified the way we do things, and the results were nothing but positive.

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments while working here at LASIK MD?
I had the opportunity to participate in events like information sessions and student career fairs. It was a real privilege for me to show students the kind of work that I do in the clinic, and the sort of things we accomplish regularly. I love what I do and being given the chance to share my passion with a new generation—that, to me, was especially fulfilling.

What makes you feel luckiest about working at LASIK MD?
I consider myself lucky to work at LASIK MD because the values of the company are in keeping with my own. I’m very detail-oriented, and I’m someone who makes a daily habit of going above and beyond. I always seek ways to give my patients the very best LASIK MD experience possible, too.

Tell us: What’s one thing you’ve learned over the years from working at LASIK MD?
In so many ways, LASIK MD has changed my professional life for the better. My job here has given me the chance to apply knowledge gained throughout my studies while developing my skill set in other areas relevant to my position. Working for a medical organization allows me to continue learning and face new challenges regularly, which ultimately helps me grow in my career.

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