#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Julie Massicotte
Dec 05, 2016 • All articles

#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Julie Massicotte

For our 15-year anniversary, we asked some of our long-time employees to share their experiences about what life is like at LASIK MD. In our second instalment of the #LASIKMD15 series, we spoke to Julie Massicotte, Operations Supervisor at LASIK MD. Keep reading to find out what working here looks like through her eyes.

What’s one thing about working at LASIK MD that you look most forward to at the start of each day?

I love that the company is in constant evolution and that no two days are completely alike. I also love that our founders are visionaries—they’re never satisfied with the status quo. As such, our team always looks ahead and it pushes us to see the bigger picture.

What is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen at LASIK MD since you started working here?

In the beginning, we were just a small group of employees—tight-knit and close, sort of like a family. As time went on, we really saw the number of clinics increase and the team grow—I remember when the marketing department was a team of one! Today, the spirit of those early days remains, but there’s a more evolved and reliable structure in place.

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments while working here at LASIK MD?

I’m most proud of the fact that I helped contribute to what LASIK MD has become today. Over the course of my years of working here, I’ve participated in so many different areas, from developing our customer service teams to clinic openings. These days, I oversee a team who all work incredibly hard to constantly improve the in-clinic processes.

What makes you feel luckiest about working at LASIK MD?

I’m thrilled to be able to work with such unique and exceptional people.  We all have a huge amount of respect for one another and we learn from each other.   The management team is very considerate of everyone’s opinions and ideas, and all of our employees know that they can contribute, in a very real way, to all of the positive changes happening within the organization.

Tell us about one thing that working at LASIK MD has taught you over the years?

This company has showed me how much there is to learn! I learn something new with each passing day, whether it’s new technologies, changes to protocol or any other elements. This is what motivates me the most. At the end of the day, LASIK MD encourages the development of its employees, and I’m thankful to have managers who push their teams to be the best that they can be.

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