#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Freddy Colina
Dec 05, 2016 • All articles

#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Freddy Colina

For our 15-year anniversary, we asked some of our long-time employees to share their experiences about what life is like at LASIK MD. In our third and final instalment of the #LASIKMD15 series, we spoke to Freddy Colina, Planning & Analytics Manager. Keep reading to find out what working here looks like through the eyes of Freddy.

Tell us, what’s one thing about working at LASIK MD that you most look forward to at the start of each day?
Working here at LASIK MD is a little bit like being a part of a family! It feels like I’ve always got something fun to share with my colleagues every morning when I go to the kitchen and make my coffee.

We encourage and inspire our patients to become the best versions of themselves. What is one way in which working at LASIK MD has helped inspired you to achieve just that?
I’d say that the most exciting part about working here at LASIK MD is that there’s always a new challenge ahead and new opportunities to help me improve the ways in how I can help my internal customers. These things combined helped me to ultimately serve our patients better. That is something that makes me proud, and I’m continually inspired every day by the work of my LASIK MD family.

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments while working here at LASIK MD?
I think one of my proudest achievements since working at LASIK MD is the fact that I have introduced a new operational metric that is now used in all clinics—on a national level.

Though we’re sure that you’ve got many—what’s a favourite memory of yours from working at LASIK MD?
Once, I prepared a significant analysis that caught the attention of our CEO. From there, I had the opportunity to meet with him on a one-on-one basis to further explain some of the key insights. That moment has stayed with me!

What’s one thing you’re thankful for at LASIK MD?
At LASIK MD, I’ve had the opportunity to grow and enhance my managerial skills. If there’s one thing I’m truly grateful for, it’s the fact that LASIK MD has helped me to become a much better professional.

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