#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Didier Nkurunziza
Feb 08, 2017 • All articles

#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Didier Nkurunziza

For our 15-year anniversary, we asked some of our longtime employees to share their experiences about what life is like at LASIK MD. In our final instalment of the #LASIKMD15 series, we spoke to Didier Nkurunziza, Patient Care Centre Manager. Keep reading to find out what working here looks like through his eyes.

Tell us, what’s one thing about working at LASIK MD that you most look forward to at the start of each day?
I would say being the company of my colleagues—who are also my friends. It’s fun to be around them, and I feel comfortable discussing almost anything, work-related or not.

We encourage and inspire our patients to become the best versions of themselves. What’s one way in which working at LASIK MD has helped inspired you?
LASIK MD, as an organization, prides itself on the services it offers its patients—these kind of services really help to change the lives of our patients (almost instantly, too). Even patients who have had their procedure ten years ago still send us emails to share with us how their decision to get laser vision correction was one of the best they’ve ever made in their lives.

What’s one big way you’ve seen how LASIK MD has changed over the years since you started working here?
I’ve seen the company grow, and the proof is in the putting. LASIK MD has won multiple awards, all while the company continues to grow. As an organization, we are always aiming to provide the best possible service that we can.

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments while working here at LASIK MD? 
There are several, overall, I have to stay starting as a Patient Care Centre agent and then making my way to a management position is probably the biggest accomplishment of my LASIK MD career.

Though we’re sure that you’ve got many—what’s a favourite memory of yours from working at LASIK MD? 
A favourite memory of mine has to be when I received the PCC “Manager of the Year” award. I had received the award as an agent, so winning one as a manager proved that I was still headed in the right direction!

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