#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Darshna Chetty
Dec 05, 2016 • All articles

#LASIKMD15 – Through the Eyes of Darshna Chetty

For our 15-year anniversary, we asked some of our long-time employees to share their experiences about what life is like at LASIK MD. In our first instalment of the #LASIKMD15 series, we spoke to Darshna Chetty, Senior Brand Manager, Affiliate Brands. Keep reading to find out what working here looks like through the eyes of Darshna.

What’s one thing about working at LASIK MD that you look most forward to at the start of each day?

I would say the fast-paced environment that encourages me to always do my best. As Brand Manager, I have to juggle multiple projects all at once, whether that means developing the brand strategy, creating marketing campaigns, launching an all-new website, assisting with the opening of clinics with only four to six weeks’ notice or bringing a new product or service to market. In short, there’s really never a dull moment here at LASIK MD headquarters and the challenging work environment is what makes me more efficient!

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments while working here at LASIK MD?

Bringing Refresh MD, LASIK MD’s affiliate, to life is probably my greatest accomplishment! It was all made possible with help from a top-notch team who really gave it their all. As a growing industry, it came with its fair share of challenges, but at the end of the day it’s so rewarding to me, because I was—and I remain—involved in Refresh MD, at all levels. I’m given the opportunity to work with so many different people across the company, including medical personnel, clinic staff, call centre representatives, partners, patients—everyone, really. And that’s the beauty of my job!

Though you probably have many, we’d love to hear a favourite memory of yours from your years at LASIK MD.

I won the title of Employee of the Year in the Marketing department twice—that’s definitely a favourite memory of mine. It’s a real accomplishment because not only was I recognized and valued for my personal contributions, but also for my role in the team’s success.

Why are you lucky to be able to work with at LASIK MD?

I have the privilege of knowing and working with talented, dedicated people here at LASIK MD, many of whom are experts in their field. Our collaborative and productive work environment reminds me of an old African proverb: “Alone, you go faster, but together, we go further!”

We’ve been around for 15 years (and counting); where do you envision yourself—and LASIK MD—in another 15?

In 15 years’ time, I’m sure LASIK MD will still be doing what it does best: help people see the world in a new light through laser vision correction. As for Refresh MD, my hope is that it continues to make its mark in the medical aesthetic industry in Quebec and Ontario. I’m certainly on board for any challenges the future holds!

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