LASIK and Sports: How Quick Is the Recovery Period?

LASIK and Sports: How Quick Is the Recovery Period?

Most people can play sports just a few days after the LASIK procedure. The visual reward that people experience after first hitting a tennis ball or baseball, kicking a soccer ball, or shooting a basketball with acute vision is one of the immediate and rewarding benefits of combining LASIK and sports.

It may be a burden for the athletically inclined to have to wear unwieldy rec-specs or goggles, or even contact lenses that often fall out during the heat of competition. Why needlessly continue to suffer the embarrassment of game stoppages while you search for a missing contact? As legendary college basketball sportscaster Dick Vitale would say, “You need a T.O., baby!” It’s time to get some LASIK.

One of the most startling things about LASIK and sports for those who choose to partake in the vision correction procedure is the miraculously quick turnaround period for getting back to your normal life, including sports, exercise, and strenuous labor. Within a few restful hours following vision correction, most participants fully regain previous levels of vision performance. While certain activities such as swimming may require a somewhat longer period of rest after the procedure, most sports may be played without hindrance shortly afterwards. The caveat against swimming too soon after having LASIK is intended to reduce the risk of infection from immersion in potentially contaminated water. Therefore, you should refrain from participating in aquatic sports without eye protection for at least one week following your LASIK procedure. Contact sports, such as ice hockey and tackle football, should also be avoided for three days after your procedure. You must wear eye protection the first month, after which time you can stop.

Speak with a reputable LASIK provider today, and gain the vision you have always wanted. Your athletic ability and self-confidence out on the field, court, rink, or waves will certainly improve. You still might not be able to play like a pro, but at least you’ll be able to see like one!

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