Should I Get LASIK? Yes!
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Should I Get LASIK? Yes!

“Should I get LASIK?” This is a question that everyone who eventually decides to get the procedure at one point asks. The reasons why you should are not only numerous but also compelling.

Perhaps the biggest (and most obvious) reason why you should get LASIK is that you will no longer have to use glasses and/or contact lenses to see clearly. This means not only that will you no longer be burdened by the expense of contacts, solution, and eyeglasses, but also that you will be more at ease about your appearance than you were when wearing glasses and will be free of the inconvenience of dealing with contacts morning and night.

Worry-Free Participation in Sporting Activities

For the athletically inclined, some of the more specific reasons in favor of getting LASIK include never having to worry about breaking your glasses or losing your contact lenses in the heat of competition. Moreover, you will never have to worry about your glasses or contacts fogging up in inclement weather or about being hindered from participation in certain water sports.

Saving Time Morning and Night

One of the most frequent complaints from contact wearers is the amount of time they must spend prepping or storing their contacts morning and night. Not to mention the hassle of having to buy new solution or of being caught away from home without access to new contacts or solution. For those who wear glasses, similar complaints arise about misplacing their specs or, worse, breaking them accidentally.

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics

While we all know certain people who look sexy and confident in glasses, for the majority of us, there is something about wearing glasses or contacts that either feels uncomfortable or makes us self-conscious. One of the best things about the LASIK procedure is that it allows you to regain your natural appearance.

Of course, the most compelling reasons to get LASIK come from the testimonials of friends, acquaintances, and even favourite celebrities who have undergone the procedure and rave about the results. “Should I get LASIK?” This is a question that is entirely dependent on individual circumstances. But in view of the compelling reasons and testimonials listed above, perhaps the real question should be “Why not?”.

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