Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery is one of the safest elective medical procedures available. It can treat common eye conditions such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (blurry vision at all distances). By offering freedom from glasses and contact lenses, LASIK is a life changing investment.

Given that many people struggle with the above eye conditions, and insurance often covers glasses and contacts, it’s normal to wonder if insurance also covers LASIK. We address this common question below.

Do Insurance Providers Cover LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK is widely considered an elective procedure by insurance companies. Since other alternatives exist (like glasses and contacts), not all insurance providers cover the cost of vision correction.

However, every insurance provider is different, and many benefit packages offer full or partial coverage for LASIK. You should inquire with your insurance provider to see if LASIK is covered under your plan. Our clinical staff can also help you determine if your insurance provider will cover the cost when you come in for a free, pre-operative consultation.

Additionally, if you’ve been contributing your pre-tax dollars to an employer-run Health Spending Account (HSA), you may be able to use it to offset the cost of a LASIK procedure. Your health benefits provider will be able to provide you with more information.

How LASIK MD Makes LASIK More Affordable

At LASIK MD, we believe everyone deserves to experience the benefits of clear vision and that price shouldn’t be a barrier. There are several ways we make LASIK more affordable.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Our Lowest Price Guarantee* means that if you find another vision correction provider offering the same services for a lower price, we’ll match it.

Financing Options

We also offer flexible financing plans to help you spread out the cost of your procedure, so you don’t have to wait to experience clear vision.

Corporate and Government Plans

Many corporations have partnered with LASIK MD to offer reduced rates on high-quality vision correction. If your company or insurance provider is a LASIK MD partner or you’re an employee of the federal government, you may be eligible for reduced rates on vision correction procedures. Please speak to our clinical staff for more information.

LASIK Eye Surgery Can Save Money in the Long Run

One of the surprising benefits of LASIK is that it can save you money in the long run. It can reduce costs associated with glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, and contact lens solution. This means you can save more money while enjoying clear vision in the long term. To see how much you can save across your lifetime, use our Savings Calculator.

In conclusion, you deserve to make an investment in yourself and your future. To learn more about LASIK and to see if you’re a candidate, book a free, pre-operative consultation with LASIK MD today.

*Conditions apply; see for more.