Is There a Best Time to Get LASIK?
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Is There a Best Time to Get LASIK?

Prospective laser vision correction candidates often wonder if there is a best time to get LASIK: Should they have it in the summer or hold out until fall? What about winter, or spring? Will they have to miss a vacation or special event while they recover? In reality, any time is a great time for LASIK. Here’s why.

The Four Seasons

Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK, All-Laser LASIK, and even PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) treatments are not affected by the weather, outside temperature, or any other seasonal condition. As a result, rather than wait for the ideal moment during the year, you should schedule your procedure at a time that works best for you. The LASIK procedure offers very quick recovery times; the day following the procedure, your vision will markedly improve and you’ll be able to perform light activities, watch TV and go on the computer. After three days you can begin light exercise such as jogging or skiing. After only seven days you’ll be able to resume almost all activities with the use of protective eyewear. During your LASIK recovery, it’s important for you to use steroidal and antibiotic eye drops to keep your eyes moist and to help reduce the inflamation. Simply put, you do not have to put your life on hold for LASIK.

The Big Event

Some patients also wonder if they should put off getting LASIK because of an upcoming event such as a cruise, public speaking engagement, or wedding. The main thing to consider are your post-operative appointments. After LASIK you’ll have to return to see a LASIK MD specialist one day, one week and then one month after the procedure (PRK requires more follow-ups within the first 5-6 days). So if you’ve got a two week ski trip planned in February, there’s nothing stopping you from getting LASIK a week or two before you leave for your trip. If you’re going to be backpacking Europe for two months in the summer, then you should plan to get LASIK a month before you leave. Keep in mind, it’s also possible to have your follow-ups performed at another LASIK MD clinic, or by a private optometrist.

Another thing worth considering is that some patients may experience red areas in the white part of their eye after laser vision correction. This is due to bruising, and can last as long as two weeks. So if you have a wedding or an event where you’ll been in some up close photos, you should give yourself a two week buffer to make sure you look your best in the pictures.

Is there a best time to get LASIK? Yes: when you feel ready. Seasons have no impact on effectiveness, and recovery is quick and easy, so there’s no reason to plan your life around a laser vision correction procedure. Take your time, learn more about the benefits of LASIK MD, and make the call when it is right for you.

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