6 Ways LASIK Eye Surgery Makes Back-To-School Easier

6 Ways LASIK Eye Surgery Makes Back-To-School Easier

The back-to-school season is officially upon us!

Most students are busy picking up their supplies and confirming their classes in anticipation for another school year. But buying new notebooks and pencils aren’t the only things you should put on your to-do list.

LASIK eye surgery offers many benefits to make school easier – and it’s not only limited to the classroom. By freeing you from glasses and contact lenses, vision correction surgery provides you with more convenience in your daily life. LASIK can treat common vision problems, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (blurry vision at both near and far distances).

Below, we discuss the specific advantages that laser eye surgery can offer students. Whether you’re in high school, college, or university, LASIK gives you more freedom so you can focus on the bigger picture.


View the whiteboard with no problem.


When you’re a student, being able to see clearly in front of you is crucial. You need to ensure that you can see the lesson so you can properly take notes and keep up with the material. While glasses and contact lenses can help keep you on track, they’re not without inconveniences.

For example, if you forget your glasses at home or if they break, it can disrupt your schedule for an entire day (or longer). Additionally, if you wear contacts, you may be distracted by uncomfortable side effects, like dry eye. Similarly, you may experience irritation if dirt or other particles get stuck in your contacts.

But with LASIK, you can avoid these distractions. Laser eye surgery allows you to wake up with clear vision and enjoy it throughout the day.

So, when you’re in class, you can focus all your energy into following the lesson rather than stressing over the inconveniences of glasses and contacts.


Don’t think twice while playing sports.


Whether you’re participating in gym class or playing an extracurricular sport, glasses and contacts can be an impediment to physical activity. There’s always a risk your glasses could fly off your face and break or your contacts could become dislodged. Additionally, you may experience your glasses fogging up the more you sweat.

Many times, people who wear glasses need to purchase special sports equipment to accommodate their frames. But not only is this an inconvenience; it can also be pricey.

After LASIK, you won’t have to worry about how glasses or contacts gets in the way of your active lifestyle.

You’ll be able to jump into a game without giving it a second thought.


Wear what you want without limits.


You want to put your best foot forward on the first day of school and for the rest of the school year! But if you’re restricted by glasses and contacts, you may find it difficult to express yourself the way you want.

Oftentimes, clothing choices are more limited when you wear glasses. You may not feel put-together if your frames don’t match your outfit, or if you can’t rock the sunglasses you want.

After LASIK, you can wear what you want without worrying how your glasses may interfere with the look.

LASIK can also offer you more freedom when it comes to makeup. You won’t have to worry about your false eyelashes hitting the rim of your frames, or your eyeshadow and liner being hidden behind glasses. Similarly, you won’t have to fuss over whether makeup irritates your contact lenses or makes them difficult to put in and take out.


Protection from digital eye strain.


For many students, it’s impossible to avoid using digital devices on a regular basis. Whether you’re writing an essay or catching up on lecture recordings, the long hours in front of a screen can easily add up.

The longer you spend in front of a digital screen, the more prone you are to the effects of digital eye strain (also known as computer vision syndrome). This refers to eye strain caused by overexposure to digital screens.

According to the American Optometric Association, the signs of digital eye strain include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Red, irritated eyes
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck and shoulder pain

The best way to combat digital eye strain is to take a break from digital devices – but this isn’t always an option for students. Luckily, LASIK can help protect from the effects of too much screen time.

Existing vision problems (like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism) can exacerbate the effects of digital eye strain. Since your eyes are already being strained to compensate for the pre-existing vision problem, they will have to work even harder when exposed to digital devices for a long time.

However, correcting vision problems can help reduce the effects of digital eye strain, since your eyes will no longer be doubly strained due to the refractive error as well as exposure to digital devices.

LASIK eye surgery offers a long-term solution to common vision problems so you can focus on your work for longer periods and with more ease.


It saves you money in the long run.


Many students are on a tight budget – after all, tuition and school supplies are expensive! But this is another reason to opt for LASIK.

While LASIK eye surgery may seem like an expensive investment, it can actually save you money in the long run. For example, it eliminates the need to purchase new frames, prescription sunglasses, contact refills, and contact lens solutions. To figure out how much LASIK can save you across your lifetime, check out our handy Savings Calculator.


There’s one less thing to think about.


One of the biggest benefits of LASIK is the convenience it offers. By freeing you from glasses and contacts, it means you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

When you’re a busy student, this can be a game-changer. After LASIK, you won’t have to remember to grab you frames before heading to class. You also won’t have to bother cleaning your frames, keeping your prescription updated, or buying regular contact refills.

You’ve got enough on your mind as a student.
So, let LASIK take the hassle of glasses and contact lenses off your plate.

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