How to prepare for your consultation

Before arriving to your pre-operative assessment, there are some simple steps to follow which will help to ensure a successful pre-operative exam:

  • In order to make your visit at LASIK MD as efficient as possible, please complete the Patient Information Sheet from the appointment confirmation email that was sent to you. If you are unable to complete the sheet in advance, it can be completed when you arrive at the clinic.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please consult the Contact Lens Policy to determine the minimum length of time contact lenses must be removed before the consultation.
  • A dilation of the pupils may be performed. Because of this, eyes may be sensitive to light. Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you to the appointment. Dilation may also result in blurred vision, particularly for near work, for 4 – 6 hours afterwards. Please note that the medication used to dilate the pupils is not recommended for administration to pregnant women. If you are pregnant we ask that you notify us upon scheduling your pre-operative consultation.
  • For your comfort and in consideration of other patients, please do not bring your children to the clinic.
  • You may not be able to return to work after the evaluation.

Please be advised that your pre-operative consultation will take, on average, two hours to complete.


For Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL):

  • Bring your contact lenses to the appointment; testing will be done to assess what your vision is like with contact lenses.
  • Please expect to spend two to three hours at the clinic on the day of your pre-operative consultation.
  • You are entitled to have a pre-operative evaluation with your own eye care professional, at your expense. However, should you choose to have a pre-operative evaluation with your own doctor, you are still required to have a complete pre-operative assessment at our centre before surgery.


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