Reading vision loss correction

A young eye is soft and flexible, changing shape easily to see clearly from any distance. But with age, the eye's natural lens loses that elasticity and becomes rigid. The name given to this eye condition is presbyopia.

Nearly 100% of the population will experience presbyopia at some point by the time they've reached their 40s.

The most typical (and frustrating) symptom of this eye condition is blurry vision when performing routine tasks from a near distance, like scanning the ingredients on a label, reading text messages or emails from a cell phone, even just paying the bill at a restaurant, it isn't uncommon to experience frequent headaches, eyestrain, or fatigue as a result.

Reading Vision loss correction

To compensate, most people will wear drugstore reading glasses, progressive lenses, or bifocals. But these quick fixes aren't without their share of inconveniences. From having to remember to bring your reading glasses with you when leaving the house to always needing a pair handy just to see things like tablet screens or menus, there is an easier solution...

Our PresbyVisionTM procedures will treat presbyopic symptoms and help you recapture the freedom of youthful vision: