Life at LASIK MD

About our team

Our team is made up of enthusiastic, forward-thinking individuals proud to be a part of one of Canada’s most innovative medical companies. They love working at LASIK MD for so many reasons. Hear from what some members of our team have to say about their experiences at LASIK MD.

Geneviève Pilon

Director of Operations

Not many people can say that they are excited to come to work every day, but I can! Knowing that the team works so hard so that patients get the most rewarding gift of all—great vision.

Tasnia Mahbub

Human Resources Training Advisor

I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of the LASIK MD family! I have fun coming in to work and being part of the process of helping our patients discover freedom from their glasses and contacts—because I’ve been in their shoes before!

Leanne Sawchuk

Ophthalmic Technician

The fact that LASIK MD's surgeons are very knowledgeable and experienced and use only the most advanced technology gives me the confidence to know that we’re providing our patients with a life-changing experience.

Work and Play

At LASIK MD, we take pride in the hard work we do, and reward ourselves by celebrating milestones and challenges we overcome. This positive approach is reflected in our corporate culture.

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Our Core Values

LASIK MD recognizes the different roles our employees play in our continued development and success as an organization. We are always seeking employees who share our company’s core values.

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