LASIK Recovery: Quicker Than You Think
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LASIK Recovery: Quicker Than You Think

LASIK recovery is generally quicker than most people think. Immediately following the procedure, patients are usually escorted into a dimly lit waiting area to relax for forty-five minutes to an hour. During this time, an eye care professional will check on them to monitor the initial healing process. Patients are also given sunglasses to wear over their eyes to protect against bright light and rubbing. Eye drops are also administered to prevent dryness. 

We’ll recommend how much time off is necessary before you return to work. This recommendation may vary on your occupation and what type of vision correction procedure has been performed. LASIK MD will provide a set of recommended guidelines for efficient recovery. It is possible for some patients to work the day following the procedure.

Patients will be directed to come back for a 24-hour post operative follow-up from us to monitor the health of their eyes. This examination should be completed within twenty-four hours of the procedure. A follow-up examination is extremely important since it will allow us to confirm that the eyes are healing as they should and that there are no complications.

There is usually very little discomfort, if any, following the procedure, and side effects are minimal; dry eyes and sensitivity to light are among the most common. It is recommended that you sleep directly after the LASIK procedure. One of the most important benefits of doing so is that not only is this the best way for the eyes to rest and heal following the procedure, but you will wake up with noticeably improved vision. By carefully following these instructions, you will be well on your way to a new and exciting life of enhanced vision acuity.

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