A Q&A with Mayda Fargeon

A Q&A with Mayda Fargeon

We'd like to introduce you to one of our LASIK MD superstars: her name is Mayda Fargeon. Mayda is a huge part of the team and has been helping the company in big ways since the very beginning. She’s also the proud mother of LASIK MD’s co-founder and medical director, Dr. Mark Cohen. Keep reading to find out more about Mayda—mom, grandmother, and LASIK MD patient!


What’s some motherly advice you’ve learned over the years?

My philosophy in parenting was always that if a child lives with encouragement, he will strive harder—and clearly, that worked with my son, Dr. Cohen. My motherly advice is that as parents, we should always encourage our children. I am a firm believer that as a parent, you must support your children—as difficult as that may be sometimes. It’s also important to keep the lines of communication open so that they know you are there for them.

What’s something you love about being a mom?

I love my grandchildren! I’m really enjoying spending time with my grandchildren, doing fun things together like cooking for them or going shopping with them. I have a great time with my grandchildren.

You’ve worked at LASIK MD since the very beginning. Outside of work, what are some hobbies you enjoy doing?

I do work a lot, but when I’m not at the office I enjoy doing things like going to the movies, getting together with friends, and going to the gym (I have a fabulous gym in my building that I use regularly).

You recently underwent Lens PresbyVision™, what made you decide to go ahead and get the procedure?

Before getting Lens PresbyVision™, I was completely dependant on my reading glasses. Although my distance vision was alright, my up-close vision wasn’t great at all. I couldn’t read a label, I couldn’t look at anything on the computer or read a newspaper unless I was wearing my reading glasses. One of the things I found most bothersome before my procedure was grocery shopping because I had a hard time reading my shopping list or seeing the ingredients on the product I was picking up. I always found myself double-checking the label of the item I had in my hand, just to make sure I didn’t misread the label. Over the years, I kept asking my son when [correcting reading vision] was going to become a possibility. He’d tell me that the technology wasn’t quite there yet. But then, one day, about a year and a half ago, he told me that finally, there was a procedure in place that would help me gain clear reading vision. Hearing that, I made an appointment to have my procedure done as soon as I could, and my vision has been incredible ever since.

What’s one thing you love most about no longer needing to wear reading glasses?

I love not having to put glasses on in the super market! I also really appreciate the fact that I no longer have to fumble for my reading glasses to do anything—like reading my phone, or looking at the computer screen. I see clearly without them.

Was there an “a-ha” moment in which you realized just how incredible it was for you to see clearly from near distances again?

I did the procedure on a Friday, and so I was mostly away from computer screens during the weekend. When I returned to work on Monday morning, I did as I normally would: got ready to start my work day. But it was only when I picked up my reading glasses and put them on to look at the computer did I realize that I didn’t need to wear them anymore! That was such an amazing moment for me.

What did you do with your older pairs of reading glasses?

I gave away all my old pairs of reading glasses. I just didn’t need them anymore!

How do you feel about your vision now that you’ve had Lens PresbyVision™?

I was so excited to get the procedure done and I’m so glad that I did. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe how much I love the results. I’ve always heard people who had LASIK talk about how much they love the results from their procedure—they’d say it was a miracle that they could suddenly see clearly—and now I totally understand what they mean. [Lens PresbyVision™] is life-changing.