I wear bifocals now, why will I still need my reading glasses after LASIK?


Most people in their 40s or older will need reading glasses whether or not their eyes are corrected for distance vision. As we age, our eye loses its lens flexibility, causing blurred vision. This condition, called presbyopia, cannot currently be treated by the LASIK procedure. However it can be treated through other methods, such as Laser PresbyVisionTM, a treatment offered exclusively by LASIK MD.


People in this age group choose Laser PresbyVisionTM, an advanced form of monovision, to correct their presbyopia. This option allows patients to use one of their eyes for distance and the other to better see up close. Compared to other presbyopia procedures, patients who choose Laser PresbyVisionTM see incredible results and adapt even quicker to their enhanced and improved eyesight.


Before making a decision, it is recommended that those interested should discuss the different options to correct presbyopia with our eye care specialists. Most doctors will suggest testing this treatment first with contact lenses for a few weeks prior to getting Laser PresbyVisionTM. Be sure to ask our staff if this trial option is available to you. Learn more about LaserPresbyVisionTM here.

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