Vision Correction Results

What results can I expect?

Vision correction has grown to become one of the most popular elective surgeries in North America. Why? Because vision correction procedures are safe, and the vast majority of patients are satisfied with their improved vision.

For example, with laser vision correction, 98% of our patients achieve at least 20/40 vision, the level required to drive a car without glasses or contact lenses. This improves to 100% for the few people who undergo an enhancement procedure. Many patients even exceed expectations and attain 20/15 vision, which is better than 20/20. And following certain IOL procedures, 98% of patients have achieved 20/20 distance vision—or better.

One of the main benefits of vision correction is that downtime is minimal. Most patients are able to return to their day-to-day living shortly after their procedures.

When choosing vision correction, you are making the decision that will help improve your eyesight. Clarity, sharp focus and fine details will return. Furthermore, you will see colours much more vividly! You will also:

  • Reduce your dependence on contacts and glasses
  • Enjoy the freedom of an active lifestyle.
  • Save time and effort involved in cleaning, removing and replacing contact lenses.
  • Save costs of maintenance and replacement associated with contact lenses and glasses (which can become prohibitive over time).
  • Cosmetic benefits: Feel good again about your aesthetic appearance.
  • Ability to perform all types of work as contact lenses and glasses are not permitted in all fields of employment.
  • Drive without glasses or contacts: Patients who have required corrective lenses throughout most of their lives now can drive without wearing glasses or contacts!

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