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Before and after laser eye surgery, each patient is required to meet with a qualified eye care professional. For your convenience, and as many of our patients are from out of town, LASIK MD has teamed up with eye care professionals in your area. As such, your pre-operative & post-operative care can be evaluated locally by a LASIK MD affiliate optometrist – fully qualified and experienced in pre-operative & post-operative refractive treatments. These optometrists are in constant communication with LASIK MD.

Patients require follow-up visits to monitor and evaluate their healing process (please refer to our LASIK Information Booklet for the number of visits). LASIK MD offers pre-operative and post-operative visits at our LASIK MD centres as part of the cost of the procedure. You may also visit a LASIK MD affiliate doctor or go to your own eye care professional. However, these visits may entail additional costs that are not covered by LASIK MD.

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