Drawbacks of contact lenses

The problems associated with wearing contact lenses are well documented. The simple act of wearing them causes changes to the cornea which may develop into complications and/or aggravate pre-existing conditions. Consider the following:


• Are expensive
• Require continual prescription upgrades
• Are difficult to fit properly
• Are fragile
• May cause conjunctivitis or keratitis
• Are easy to lose and hard to find
• Can damage easily
• Can get dust or grit trapped under them
• Can dry out in dry and windy areas
• Can absorb gases and vapours, causing damage and irritation
• Need constant cleaning; can lead to corneal irritation if not properly maintained
• Are inconvenient for water sports
• Need to be removed before falling asleep.
• Block oxygen to your eyes; wearing them too long could boost your risk of corneal ulcers
• Are inconvenient for travel
• Can be affected by certain medications
• Can become contaminated from misuse of contact solution

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