How Will My Life Improve?

Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted or have astigmatism, laser eye surgery can improve vision but most importantly, it can also improve your life.

Reduced Dependence on Glasses and Contacts

Are you tired of searching for your glasses every morning? Frustrated that your glasses streak or steam up from the rain, humidity and snow? Had enough with the recurring costs of contact lenses and solution?

There are numerous benefits for patients who undergo either LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery, including a reduced dependence on glasses and/or contact lenses, which can be restrictive on normal, everyday activities.

For those who wear contact lenses, laser eye surgery can also eliminate the time and energy involved in cleaning, removing and replacing lenses. In addition, the continual costs associated with maintaining and replacing contacts can become expensive. In fact, if you compare the cost of LASIK to what you spend on glasses and contacts every year, you’d be surprised at how much LASIK can save you in your lifetime. We even developed an online calculator to help patients see the actual savings for themselves. Go ahead and try it!

Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

Reduced dependence on corrective lenses from laser eye surgery leads to more freedom for patients with active lifestyles. Many recreational activities, such as water sports or contact sports, can be more enjoyable when the necessity of wearing glasses or contacts is removed. In some cases, patients choose laser eye surgery for professional reasons, rather than recreational ones. In certain fields of employment, corrective lenses are not permitted.

The reasons for considering laser vision correction will be different for every individual. For those who have worn corrective lenses throughout most of their lives, the prospect of being able to drive without wearing glasses or contacts, or being able to wake up and see without putting them on, may be sufficient reason in itself. The potential benefits, like the potential complications, can vary, and should be considered carefully. The patient is the only person who can decide whether the benefits of laser eye surgery outweigh the risks. Make sure that your expectations are realistic and carefully thought-out. As you start your research on laser eye surgery, see how selecting the right clinic plays an important role in your decision.

You can also read about LASIK MD outcomes. Laser eye surgery is not only safe, it can also improve your day and night vision and most important, it can improve your life. At LASIK MD, your vision is our top priority.