Fears and Facts

Afraid of LASIK? We know it doesn’t seem quite like a walk in the park, but undergoing this procedure is actually much easier than you think. Below are some of your biggest fears and misconceptions about this surgery—and the accompanying facts that will help you to see LASIK in a new light.

Fear #1: The procedure is painful.

Fact: LASIK is painless.

It’s more painful to have the season finale of your fave TV show totally spoiled or to forget your phone at home. Again. The truth is, you’ll feel little or no pain during your LASIK procedure. But don’t take our word for it. Our patients said so themselves. Plus, you’ll get numbing eye drops.

Fear #2: If I move my eyes the laser will burn me.

Fact: LASIK is a precise, exact procedure.

LASIK MD lasers were designed for even the most restless of eyes. Each laser is equipped with a special tracker that follows eye movement to ensure a safe and accurate procedure. It’s all very James Bond.

Fear #3: My vision can worsen after the procedure.

Fact: You’ll see much clearer than before.

Our one and only mission is to improve your eyesight. Laser vision correction will free you from glasses and contact lenses, and help you to see much clearer than before. Start making BIG plans for the post-LASIK you.

FEAR #4: The recovery period is long.

Fact: Recovery? What recovery?

You’ll wish you were bedridden for weeks, being
served on hand and foot. But the truth is, you’ll be back to work within 24 hours. Which means no fanning or peeled grapes.

FEAR #5: I will have some kind of terrible side effect.

Fact: Complications are extremely rare.

Complications are rare, minor and treatable. The main
side effect will be not having to wear cumbersome glasses
or annoying contacts. You will, however, feel more confident
and attractive after the procedure. Warning: This could
change the course of your life.

FEAR #6: I can go blind.

FACT: You can’t go blind from LASIK

Thanks to today’s advancements in technology, the likelihood of blindness is virtually impossible.

FEAR #7: My prescription needs to be stable.

Fact: Stable prescription not required.

We’re pleased to report that your prescription doesn’t need to be stable in order to get LASIK, so no matter when you decide to get the procedure done, the results will make for a long and happy life free of glasses and contacts! *Legal tells us that we cannot guarantee that your life will be long, however, we’ve sure seen a lot of smiles after LASIK!

FEAR #8: LASIK is still new and there aren't any long-term results.

Fact: 24 Years of Experience (And Counting).

We may have fibbed about our age on our dating profile, and the number of chin ups we told our trainer we did, but 35 million procedures worldwide over the past 24 years don’t lie. LASIK is a proven and effective way to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

FEAR #9: LASIK is simply too risky.

Fact: Safest elective procedure in medicine.

Though we know you can come up with lots of excuses about why you’re hesitant, the truth is, LASIK is widely regarded as the safest elective procedure in modern medicine. It also yields some of the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Isn’t it time you were one of those happy patients?

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