After the Surgery

How long does it take to recover?

After the procedure, you will be escorted to a waiting area where you will relax for forty-five minutes to an hour. We will then verify your cornea and ensure the flap has begun to heal.

Make sure to wear the provided sunglasses (in your LASIK MD bag). Regular sunglasses do not provide adequate protection. Please follow the eye drop regimen recommended.

Please also refer to our post-surgery Recommended Activity Schedule.

To allow adequate time for your eyes to recover, we recommend that you anticipate taking the following number of days off work after your laser eye surgery. Please note that these are recommended guidelines and that it is possible to return to work earlier if your vision is good enough; some patients return as early as the next day!

Low Risk
(No dust or irritants, no risk of eye trauma, i.e. any type of office work)
Medium Risk
(Mild dust or irritants, mild risk of eye trauma)
High Risk
(Moderate dust or irritants, moderate risk of eye trauma)
0-2 days 4 days 1 week

Dryness of the eyes is a condition that some patients may experience after having undergone laser vision correction. While this condition is temporary – lasting from a few weeks to a few months depending on the patient – there is a new treatment that can help alleviate dry eye symptoms, called comfort plugs. Read more.

At LASIK MD, our doctors have established many post-operative measures for our patients to reduce the risk of complications and to increase the ability for a successful recovery. However, it is important that you attend the recommended post-operative examinations to ensure the proper healing process and to be able to monitor the health of your eyes.

You may also have a LASIK MD co-managing optometrist or your own eye care professional to perform these post-operative examinations. However, this may entail additional costs that are not covered by LASIK MD.

If you choose to use your own eye care professional, your optometrist will be required to complete a post-operative form. After your 24-hour post-operative appointment, you will receive, via fax, mail or in person, your refractive surgical report and post-operative form that you should bring with you to your appointment with your optometrist.

Follow-up care is as important as the actual procedure. Find out more about the required post-operative care.