Q: What kind of technology is used?

A: With more than $50 million invested, LASIK MD offers the latest technology in laser vision correction. It's not just new technology , but equipment that is clinically proven to give excellent outcomes. LASIK MD is the only laser vision centre that can offer Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK or PRK treatments using one of three technologies: the latest generation WaveLight Allegretto, VISX S4IR, or Bausch & Lomb Z100. These three state-of-the art lasers enable us to choose the most suitable platform for your eyes, allowing for the best possible outcomes.

Treatment with these lasers results in a corneal shape that is closer to the normal curvature of a healthy eye. With Advanced Custom Wavefront technology, better quality outcomes for both day and night vision can be achieved, especially for patients with high prescriptions, thin corneas and larger-than-average pupils.